Customer Testimonials

sierra“On behalf of Sierra Ready Mix, LLC I would like to thank you all for your time and diligence in providing us with your proposals. Our decision was based on the usual factors of Quality, Service and Price, and American Geothermal stood out on all three.  We have learned a lot in our research process, and there are certainly some very good products out there.  The quality of your product is a known factor to us because we have had your machines for so many years and we are a believer in the use of cupronickel.  You have certainly proven an exceptional quality of service throughout the years as well.  Never once have we felt the pressure of a hard sell or the disappointment of a lack of help when we need it.  To the contrary you guys have always taken our calls and stepped up when we needed you.  It is obvious that you all take pride in your company and your product.”

-Roger Lawshe, Plant Supervisor

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