ThermaBatch Heat Pumps

American Geothermal heat pumps can HEAT and COOL concrete batch water with the same machine.

Heat pumps represent the lowest cost method of both cooling and heating, 100 times less expensive than ice and about a third the cost of heating with a fossil fuel fired boiler. Heat pumps are also kind to the environment, operating on clean electric power with no greenhouse gas emissions and no wasted heat going up the stack. Heat pumps are quiet and over 300% efficient (watts in versus BTU’s out) thanks to the thermodynamic advantages of modern refrigeration technology, our unique, patented designs and computerized controls.

American Geothermal uses cupro-nickel heat exchangers that are non-corrosive and are anti-scaling. Because they are turbolated, we can achieve 35 °F chilled water. We can also heat water to 130° F with the same unit. To change from cooling to heating all that is required is the flip of a switch.

American Geothermal heat pumps are based on a modular design principle and have a minimum of two compressor units and two separate refrigeration cycles. If one module goes down, you are not out of business. Modules can be removed and replaced without stopping operation of the rest of the system. This gives you near 100% up time.

The water circulation pump and motor starter are mounted on the unit. The entire system is operated from a simple control panel with programmable logic controls and complete diagnostics. There is a single point electrical connection for the entire system, typically 460 volt 60 Hz 3 phase.

Here are some of the key points regarding American Geothermal heat pumps:

  • Flip one switch to change from heating to cooling.
  • The system operates with equal ease in tropical or freezing climates.
  • Fractional operating costs: $.05 per cubic yard cooling, $.10 per cubic yard heating.
  • Typical investment pay back: 6 to 22 months (we can provide an economic analysis for your specific situation).
  • Simple installation, typically one man day.
  • Eliminates fuel, ice storage, ice handling, inventory, emissions.
  • Completely portable, expandable, and comes ready to set in place and make plumbing and electrical connections.
  • Completely automatic, unattended operation. Set the unit to heat or cool, set the thermostat for the desired water temperature, start the unit and walk away.
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) with complete diagnostics. Controls include high and low pressure gauges, primary and secondary water flow meters, electrical disconnects and circuit breakers.
  • Highly reliable, modular construction assures near 100% up time.
  • Factory support, training and service on site at your location.
  • Custom engineering services to adapt American Geothermal know how to your specific needs.
  • Rugged, tough, durable design proven in the concrete industry, not an adaptation of something for another purpose. American Geothermal is designed and proven for the concrete industry.

Let us help you identify your concrete heating & cooling needs. You enjoy the Reliability, Quality and Savings!

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