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Cupronickel Fin Water Heater

This highly efficient concept combines 82% combustion efficiency with a simple trouble free design, resulting in unequalled water heater durability, lime scale free operation and fewer service calls… and that translates to customer satisfaction!

Cupronickel Fin Tube

Solid Cupronickel material eliminates worry about rust and corrosion.  Cupronickel Fin heat exchanger fins are extruded from the tubing itself insuring maximum heat transfer efficiency for the life of the water heater.

Stainless Steel Burners

Provide durability, efficiency and low NOX emissions.  Burners are adaptable to natural and liquefied petroleum (LP) gases.

Loch-Heat Ceramic Tile

Provides “space age” insulating technology and durability by eliminating the need for less efficient; bulky combustion chamber materials (refractory).  Loch-Heat tile will not crack or spall and provides the benefit of an overall water heater weight reduction of 25% over refractory materials.


Cupronickel Fin provides quick and easy removal of all major components including burner tray, gas train and controls.  The heat exchanger may be removed from the front of the water heater with out disturbing the vent system or cabinet integrity.

Built in Draft Hood

Reduces the cost of installation and lowers the overall height of the Cupronickel Fin, permitting installation in virtually all applications where head-room restrictions exist.

Cupronickel Fin-the most serviceable water heater on the market, because servicemen and installers helped design it!

The Energy-Efficient, Cost Effective Water Heaters

Cupronickel Fin technology was first introduced to the water heater industry some 40 years ago.  Since then, it has been continually refined and perfected; adding an advanced combustion process and space aged insulating materials.  The Cupronickel Fin was designed and built to unwavering standards of quality, using the basic components of the Cupronickel Fin’s success, adding fan-assisted combustion, hot surface ignition and a unique gasket free Cupronickel Fin heat exchanger.

Advanced Control System

All Cupronickel Fin models feature state-of-the-art Hot Surface ignition with direct flame supervision and immersion temperature controls.  They are also equipped with indicating lights for all major functions, including call for heat, flame failure and low air.

Unique Cupronickel Fin Heat Exchanger

The Cupronickel Fin water heater design uses a two-pass heat exchanger.  Water is circulated through a row of highly efficient, finned cupronickel tubes.  The high rate of water flow creates a scouring action that prevents sediment and lime scale build-up so common in conventional water heaters, and the finned cupronickel tubes allow maximum heat transfer efficiency.  To create this special heat transfer capability, the fins extrude from a thick wall of copper tubing to precise specifications exactly 7 fins per inch.  The result is an integrally finned tube with a heat transfer ratio 9 times greater than a plain copper tube and 8 times greater than cast iron or steel.

Heavy Duty Gasketless Design

What’s more, advanced casting process allowed the development of a unique one-piece header system.  This gasketless design provides enhanced reliability, improved durability and optimizes performance – but without the problems or failures so common to O-rings and gaskets and every surface that comes on contact with the water is protected by a special non-ferrous nu-glass coating.

High Heat Transfer, Low Nox

The high heat transfer ratio of the finned copper tubing, together with the high velocity water flow characteristics of the heat exchange design, combine to offer yet another benefit: a virtually instantaneous response to the demand for hot water.  Demand is always met quickly and accurately and drawn down capabilities are much greater than with other systems.

Installation Flexibility and Cost Savings

High efficiency also means these units are compact enough to fit through a standard 36” doorway, an advantage most commercial water heaters can’t provide.  These new compact sizes use less floor space than ever before.  Plus, thanks to special insulating materials, Cupronickel Fin units require only 3” clearance from combustible walls.  A new Multi-Stack frame is available, which allows you to install two units in the area normally required for one.  This makes it easy to fit multiple Cupronickel Fin water heaters into cramped mechanical rooms, providing extra capacity during peak demand periods and a back-up system for use in servicing.

Input Conventional vent size Cupronickel Fin Average Savings
495,000 10° 657.00
645,000 12° 731.00
745,000 14° 10° 1,450.00
985,000 16° 10° 1,790.00
1,255,000 16° 12° 1,463.00
1,435,000 18° 12° 2,432.00
1,795,000 20° 14° 3,526.00
2,065,000 22° 14° 3,738.00

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